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Matsumotoya Co., Ltd

The official shop of Eiheiji, Soujiji, and the headoffice of the Sotosyu Syumucyou.
The canonical robe - Buddhist altar fitting shop of the Soto Zen Buddhism specialty which continues the manufacturing and sales of the religion products since 1915 foundation and is proud of the long stable dealing results with many temples in the foreign countries in Japan
The religion which doesn't have becoming extinct as far as the human race lives
It has a purpose of the realization of the rich life to be proud of the work which is engaged because of the development, to treat all the religion products which can contribute, to develop a new product, to make making an effort toward the establishment as the brand goods and becoming the top company of the industry a present goal, to increase profit by the realization, and to improve the evaluation of the company and to range over the physical and spiritual aspects of the staff.

*EMS shipping cost is not included, and 
we will have to ask you the additional shipping cost
when you decide your order.
The EMS shipping cost depends on the weight and delivery area.


Shop name



Shop address

514 Kyogoku-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city 600-8035 JAPAN


TEL      :  81-75-351-6560

FAX      :  81-75-371-4080


Open   :  Mon - Fri : 9:00 - 17:30

Close   :  Sat, Sun, Holiday


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